Saturday, April 28, 2007

So close. . . .

Nope, I still didn't quite crack that one-hour 10K barrier!

But I'm creeping up on it.

Today's 10K was 1:00:41 at the Oxford Day 10K on Maryland's Eastern Shore. 5K split was 30:02. Beautiful weather for running - mid-50s and partly cloudy.

It's a conspiracy! I guess I'll have to run at least one more 10K and 5K each in my lifetime to hit those 60/30 minute benchmarks! THEN I can retire from running for good!

Still, my previous 10K PR was from this race last year (not exactly the same course) in 1:03:17, so it was a pretty darned good running day for me, all in all. I ran the whole race without looking at my Garmin once, just as an experiment, but I don't think it helped me, to tell the truth. I had a higher average heart rate in my last half marathon (174, vs. 170 today). I think I do better when I check my pace and heart rate periodically during the race, rather than just pacing by perceived effort. Although my pace was quite consistent during the race (except for Mile 3 which included a brief walk at a water stop), I think I could have pushed slightly harder with this HR information:

Mile 1: 9:34, HR 160 bpm
Mile 2: 9:34, HR 170 bpm
Mile 3: 10:09, HR 169 bpm
Mile 4: 9:39, HR 172 bpm
Mile 5: 9:46, HR 173 bpm
Mile 6: 9:26, HR 175 bpm
Mile 6.28: 2:39 (9:32 mpm pace), HR 178 bpm

I was 69th/92 runners, I think. Picked up a big honkin' trophy for 1st place Clydesdale Filly, too! I was the only one who entered the division, but hey! You have to enter to win!!

If my birthday were 2 months earlier, I could have taken a 2nd place age group award, but instead I have to wait to age up into the 50-death age group.

I love small town races! Very fun to see lots of friends out on the course today, including the Dave and Chuck Comedy Team (both of whom had great races too)!! Plus we all enjoyed the traditional Oxford Day post-race pancake breakfast this year again. Yum!


GeekGirl said...

Oh, my gosh - you are way cooler about those 41 seconds than I would be. I would be all like, "I shouldn't have slowed down to pick up that glove! I shouldn't have slowed down to spit! I shouldn't have slowed down to drink! etc. I'm the queen of second guessing myself.

Nancy Toby said...

The killer was turning the corner with about 0.2 to go and seeing the clock still hadn't clicked over the hour... and then in slow motion trying to sprint to the finish line, watching it tick and tick and tick away.....

But it's all good. It's really just 60:41, right?

21stCenturyMom said...

Way to go, Nancy!!

Doing a 10K in just under an hour is also a goal of mine. I guess it's ON for the 10K PR, too. And the 5K. My PR right now is 29:29 - not a lot of wiggle room.

As soon as I get this little Oly out of the way it is ALL about the run.

runr53 said...

a "possible" strategy change... If you take water stops, skip one late in the race.. You may get those pesky 41 seconds off your time that way! You will get there soon regardless. Run Good!

nancytoby said...

Sigh, sorry, that's what I did! 2 water stops, walked for about 4 steps to drink at the first at mile 2, then at mile 4 just doused myself and drank about 2 sips out of a crushed cup at a jog! I could save maybe 5 seconds, but mostly I just need to freakin' run faster!!

Fe-lady said...

50 tp DEATH???? Now wait a min. I seem to remember (if my old mind serves me right) that there are 75-79 and 80+ age groups in both road racing AND triathlon!!!!
I sure as hell hope you don't quit once you reach those goals....I know you won't!
Good job...and remember, didn't you run a half marathon last weekend????
Give your body some time to rest girl!

Mister P. said...

We won a 1st place award in a relay marathon by being the only group in our division. But of course it doesn't say that on the award, so a win is a win! Besides, if YOU are happy with your time, you deserve an award, right?

And who are you kidding - if you beat an hour you'll retire fom running? I think you're in it for life!