Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally spring!

Tomorrow is May 1st, and the weather here is finally starting to act like a normal spring instead of perpetual winter. Four days in the next week are forecast above 70*F. Hurrah!

Today's task is packing away all the running tights and long-sleeved training shirts until late next autumn.

The only problem is that somehow they have multiplied out of control and will occupy approximately 300% of my available storage space on the top shelf in the closet.

I'd post a photo, but it's really much too frightening.

How does that happen? I didn't acquire THAT many new long-sleeved race shirts, honest!!

And then there's all the different categories of stuff I need just for warm weather: Cotton t-shirts. Technical t-shirts. Technical sleeveless tops. Short-sleeve jerseys. A couple long-sleeve cycling jerseys left out for cold days. Running shorts. Cycling shorts. Regular everyday shorts. It never ends!!! Good thing I don't need special WORK clothes on top of all this!!!


21stCenturyMom said...

I keep all of my 'atheltic wear' in a single drawer. It used to share that space with a stack of t-shirts. They just got the boot. It's getting crowded in there and I don't even enter that many races. Read raceAthlete today for a suggestion as to what to do with all that stuff. Do not be drinking anything while you do that or it will end up splattered all over your monitor.

TriGirl 40 said...

It is scary what this sport does to your wardrobe. I realized recently that my work clothes were too big, had stains or just generally looked like crap - but my workout clothes were quite stellar!