Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chicago Olympics?

My almost-hometown of Chicago (I was born next door in Oak Park and lived until I was 27 in Illinois) may be the host of the 2016 Olympics, it was announced today!

The "group of [competing] bidders [is] expected to include Madrid, Prague, Rome, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo."

Wow. I think that's very cool. I hope they win -- I'd go! My girls would be 13 years old, that would be fun! At least it's in a city that I'd know my way around, unlike the ones I went to in Seoul, Albertville, Barcelona, and even Atlanta!


Fe-lady said...

You attended all those Olympics? Wow...what did you see? That is so very neat!

Nancy Toby said...

I saw everything!! :-) I worked at 3, went to Albertville for fun. They were amazing to be at in person, although like a lot of big sporting events, you get more real information in TV coverage.

Flo said...

When they had the Olympics in L.A. it threw the entire state of California into a tizzy. I can imagine what it will be like in Chicago. I hope they win too!!!

LeahC said...

I'm so excited that Chicago won the bid! I hope they win the full bid! It would be way cool having the games in my hometown! Lot's of people were calling into a radio show after the annoucement saying how much it would suck "because traffic would be so bad" which of course I think is ridiculous...if you don't like traffic maybe don't live in chicaog :-)