Saturday, April 14, 2007

RWS: Running While Sick

It is very foolish to lie awake at night from convulsive coughing and still envision doing Yassos (half-mile running intervals) the next morning. Yet that is what I did. I thought a little speed work would be a perfect tune-up before my last half marathon in my series of five, which will happen 7 days from now.

I warmed up for a mile through the neighborhood, then cranked up the pace for the first half-mile interval. At approximately 0.38 miles into that interval, according to Garmin, the whole plan came crashing to a halt. You can see the tattered remains of my grandiose plan below: five slow miles slogged out just to get it done, with a stupidly high heart rate.

When you're sick, you're sick. Somehow I always forget that.

At least I got my 4 new azalea bushes planted afterward, all ready to weather the impending 20-year nor'easter which is going to make the 2007 Boston Marathon more fun than a barrel o' monkeys on Monday. 26.2 miles in 19-21 mph headwinds in 37 to 40 degrees!? What could be more fun than that!?


Vickie said...

Nancy, I do believe you are becoming a "true" runner: obsessed about getting workouts done despite being sick!

Nancy Toby said...

Uh oh.....

Downhillnut said...

RWSS. Running While Sick Sucks.

It's still better than NRWS. Great job on FIVE MILES - that a long ways WS!