Thursday, April 12, 2007

New azaleas

Here's my new little project, which just arrived today (yes, I buy almost everything except groceries online these days):

They're some azaleas for my garden, which I'll put in the place of the lilac bushes that I killed and the firethorn tree we had cut down a while back. They're a new type called Encore azaleas which are supposed to keep blooming throughout the summer and fall instead of just one big burst in the spring.

Since I'm a very bad, inattentive negligent, lazy gardener, I'm all about perennials and things that can grow without attention. If you're going to survive in my garden, you're going to have to be pretty self-sufficient.

Any bets that I'll kill these too?

1 comment:

Fe-lady said...

I do mostly cactus these days...thrive on the neglect you speak of! :-)
Oh I meant to ask...when did you visit Fort Huachuca?
Did you like it? Did you get to see any of the canyons?