Friday, February 23, 2007

The things they remember!

Catherine has surprised me lately with some things that she has remembered.

When we walked out on the front steps yesterday in the dead of winter, she said "Where are the caterpillars?"

I think she meant the caterpillars that were there in abundance last summer, about 7 months ago. Like 1/6th of her life ago. I never expect a 3-year-old to remember that long ago, but they sure do!

A couple of weeks ago we were driving through downtown Easton and she asked "Where are the Christmas trees?". We happened to be passing a corner park (now empty) where they displayed some decorated Christmas trees in December, that we drove past perhaps once or twice. I tend to think that she's not that aware of her surroundings when she's riding in the car, but she doesn't miss a thing!

Then last Friday when we were driving away from picking up Elisabeth at school and heading towards Virginia instead of taking the usual route home, immediately after the intersection where I went the new, unfamiliar direction, she asked me "Mommy, where are you going?"

They're aware of a lot more than I give them credit for!! I can only assume that Elisabeth is aware of just as much, and remembers it, but just can't express it yet.


Sara said...

Kids are amazing.

Well I am getting as close to running as possible by volunteering for a marathon in town in March. May be it is a halfer. Can't remember. But we get a great turn out for our runs here.

Iron Pol said...

Perhaps she was channelling my son. Last night, out of the blue, he asked, "Daddy, how come we took down the Christmas tree?"

Ummm, what? It's almost St. Patrick's Day, and he's asking about a Christmas tree.

Don't let your kids fool you. They remember EVERYTHING.

Julia said...

Be VERY careful Nancy, they remember everything. They give those cute blank looks but those little brains are gathering information every second of their lives!

Ellie said...

Same here -- I've noticed ever since starting to have kids/grandkids, what they remember.

Awhile back I was showing Abbie how to draw a sort of stylized stick-figure caterpillar. Head, body,legs. She signed "caterpillar." Then she signed "butterfly." In late summer at her Head Start they had collected monarch butterfly caterpillars and kept them in jars till they turned into butterflies. 6 months later she still remembered. Inquiring minds want to know.

Dianne W. said...

Yup. They see it all. They remember it all. My son tells me which way to turn, and gets really mad when I don't go the way we wants. He knows which way to get almost everywhere, and he's 3.