Saturday, February 17, 2007

That marathon training program

Hmm. I talked to the person in charge of the program and I'm not sure that I want to do it. Why?
  • $1000 fundraising minimum seems steep to me in this particular instance
  • Their target race is one I'm not doing (Baltimore Marathon - have already run it and don't intend to again, most likely, although I could do the half marathon there as a training run)
  • Supports a program I don't have a personal stake in, so it's hard to get excited about
  • I'm not sure the program leaders have much actual race experience
I'll attend their first meeting in a month if I can and see, though. I may volunteer to assist if needed and not be an actual participant. We'll see.

Truthfully, while I'm very happy to support friends who are "going the extra mile" in fundraising for various worthy charities while doing their races, I'm not sure I see much sense in people donating money for me to do a race I was going to do anyway. I guess I don't see the connection.

However, one piece of good news: My "old" friends Linae and Shawn picked up a guaranteed entry for Marine Corps Marathon for me for this coming October 28th, which is the marathon I intended to run (for the second time), so I won't have to be waiting by the computer on registration day. Thanks, ladies, and congratulations on great runs at the Gasparilla 15K today!


jeanne said...

Hmm. I understand. There's always that nutty program I trained with last summer. I raised money for Cure Autism Now where you get to set your OWN goal. It can be 5$. It might be a bit of a haul to get to the Pentagon by 6 a.m. for you though.

Fe-lady said...

That's quite a hefty amount of $$$$ to raise....good luck if you decide to do this!