Thursday, February 15, 2007

Catching up on the road

Way too much time off this week with sick kids and ice storms and general slackness. Four days in a row with no significant workouts - I really don't like taking off that much time!! Back out on the roads today for seven twisty-turny miles around the neighborhood:

Average pace for 7.01 miles, according to Ms. Garmin, was 11.51 min/mile. If I can keep that pace up on the B&A Trail Half Marathon in 2.5 weeks, that will give me a PR by 1 solid minute. But I'm definitely not counting any PR chickens yet! PRs are gifts from the Race Gods and happen according to their whim. PRs can be prepared for, the groundwork can be laid for them, but they cannot be summoned at will. But it should help a lot to have my training buddy David there who has volunteered to pace me, I hope! He does a pretty good job of flogging me along!

Good news! I found out a runner-mom is organizing a marathon training group from April to October to benefit the local after-school program. Since I was planning on running Marine Corps Marathon this fall anyway, this may be a great opportunity to line up some more local running buddies and get to know a few more of my neighbors - and maybe even follow a consistent and logical marathon training program for a novel approach for my 10th marathon! I checked her past results on Athlinks (I LOVE that site!) and she's done Marine Corps in a not-too-shabby 4:32. I'd better call her tomorrow!


Faithful Soles said...

Nancy, great blog, your training is extremely inspirational. I'm in your age bracket, and I'd like to get into triathlons (15 marathons so far and doing #16 this weekend in Austin). If you get a chance, please visit my running web site, Faithful Soles. I have a categorized and searchable Running Blog Database on there and would appreciate it if you would link your blog to it. I also have my own blog, but most of my information is on the main web site. Thanks and continued good luck in your training.

Kewl Nitrox said...

My boys are sick too - chesty cough - so I have been distracted this week too.

Good job getting the run in though. Cheers!

jeanne said...

you are really doing great! that MCM program sounds terrific, too.