Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Valentine's Day

We're having a quiet "snow day" at home - even though it's only raining. It's freezing rain that's leaving a coating on the car, so I'm sure the roads are treacherous in spots. We'll save the treats to take to school tomorrow. I'm glad I wrapped them all up last night so that I won't eat them!

The girls enjoyed opening some Valentine's Day cards from grandma. How's this for a Hallmark moment? Thanks, grandma!!

As for me, for a seasonal activity, I get to figure out how to get out red crayon that some nasty gremlin put inside the baseboard heater that melted and dripped down onto the carpet. I've been looking around the Internet for cleaning ideas, and they all look tedious. Little monsters!!!!

No, I'm not going to attempt to run or bike on slippery icy roads outside. Maybe it's time to set up the bike trainer again. My training buddies are reminding me that I have a half marathon to run in 2 1/2 weeks - ack! I haven't run anything over 5 or 6 miles yet this year! Maybe the subsequent half marathons will get easier. Can I hope?


Fe-lady said...

Cute cute cute! Cards from Grandma are the BEST!
Have a snuggly at home Valentine's Day!

Heather said...


long-time lurker, occasional poster. :) Wax-out-of-carpet wise, I've put a dishtowel down on the spot and then used a steam iron over it. Towel soaks up the melty wax, and the whole thing takes about as long as it does for your iron to heat up. Hope it helps. I enjoy reading about your tri training and your cute girls--I'm a sprint tri'er with just one daughter who's a little younger than your kids.

21stCenturyMom said...

First of all that is a perfect 1/2 marathon training program - trust me ;-)

Second of all, put ice on the crayon and break as much off as you can that way. Then do the iron thing. If that doesn't work try some goof-off.

Nancy Toby said...

Thanks for stopping by, Heather, and saying hi! I'll try that... later. It's not going anywhere, and I don't want curious fingers poking at the iron when I'm on the floor trying to get it out of the carpet!!