Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sniffly and sweaty

My allergies have suddenly knocked me for a loop! I think it may be mold spores just now let loose with all the rain we have had after a long drought. *kachoo!* Or ragweed. Or something else bad.

I'm anxiously watching the and Hammerhead Olympic Tri results for my blogger peeps today! Go go go!!! Special shout out to Geekgirl who is on that Ironman bike course now in Louisville after an awesome swim!

I rode 26.2 miles in their honor this morning at a pretty good clip for me, averaging 17.1 mph including a slow startup mile through town. Which was somewhat better than the long run which I should have done but I blew off because my allergies left me feeling sniffly and headachy. Instead the bike ride started in 99% humidity and ended at an arid 87% humidity. Sweat was pouring off the front of my helmet. I tested out a tri-top that I've had for a long time but never used, but I think I might race in it in September for the non-wetsuit swims.

Then I went online shopping for a few replacement items: replacement bike shorts, bike shoe cleats, and heel caps for the ones I've worn out. I think I'm all set for my September tris except for a bike tune-up. And the training part, of course.

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