Sunday, August 19, 2007

Long run done

Whew. Finally got in a longish (14.6 mile) LSD run today, emphasis on the Slow in Long Slow Distance. Fortunately the weather was considerably cooler than it has been!

I used the same strategy as one week ago: Drove my car out to a nearby residential area and did a total of 6 trips around 3 different loops from my car, stopping and rehydrating and refueling between each loop.

Here are my numbers (Garmin was acting flaky and had no charge, didn't use it):
Temps: 65*F-75*F
Humidity: 58% plus
Swan Villas loop (2.52 miles): 1) 32:19 2) 32:45
Golf Course loop (2.33 miles): 1) 29:41
Chance Hope loop (2.43 miles): 1) 30:12 2) 30:24 3) 35:27 (lots of walking but got 'er done)
Water consumed: ~100 fluid ounces
Sodium consumed: ~1000 mg (in 10 Endurolytes capsules)
Clif Blox consumed: 11 (total 363 calories)
Stomach discomfort: 0
Trips to the bushes: 4 (ugh)
Overall pace on the road: ~13.0 min/mile (much slower than I want)

Still many miles to go. . . .


momo said...

hey, nancy! i'm going to be in md over labor day and have to somehow come up with a 3 hour route to run. i'm glad the weather is a little cooler - we've been over 100 for most of the summer, it will be a nice change!

let me know if you want some running company that weekend!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, how I would love to run in temps below 80 degrees! Good job completing your long run. I like that idea of using your car as an aid station. Might try that myself some day.