Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meet the teacher day

Today was a BIG day!

We walked over to the elementary school and had our initial visit in the classroom with the teacher! We even got to meet the principal and a couple of other teachers as well. They seem to be a positive and enthusiastic bunch and it was great to meet them!!!

We found our cubbies where our backpacks will go each day during school. Elisabeth learned that routine last year but it will be new for Catherine. She's all excited about wearing her backpack and keeps reminding me about it.

What big girls they are!!! (No, I didn't cry yet about them being all grown up, I'm still too busy doing the Happy Dance about my 2.75 hours of freedom every weekday).

They're still my silly monster girls. This was the other day when they both decided to wear pull-up diapers on their heads around the house and go into the closet in search of monsters. Elisabeth is signing "monster".

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IronJenny said...

How cute! We had school orientation yesterday, too... and start on the 4th. We had a super busy summer, and are just now getting bored enought to want to start school.