Friday, August 24, 2007

Negative splits

They're rare to nonexistent for me.

But I did them today! I had to get my run done before 8 AM when the electricians were due to arrive to install some ceiling lights in our house. So that added some urgency to the task.

3 loops (2.43 miles each) around the Chance Hope neighborhood near my house, with refueling stops at the minivan mobile aid station.

1. 29:37 (including one unscheduled stop in the woods)
2. 27:49
3. 27:28

Overall running pace was 11:38 min/mile. Gotta get faster than that. Gotta stop doing those unscheduled stops in the woods, too. Ewww.

My Garmin is flaking out, too, unfortunately. Either the power connections or the battery is bad, don't know which, but it keeps going dead. Bleah. The only thing worse than an addictive electronic device is a dead electronic device to which one is addicted.

PS: Good luck to my blogger pals at the inaugural Ironman Kentucky this weekend! I'll be watching!


Brian said...

my forerunner 305 started going dead unpredictably then would only start when it was in it's docking station -- after 15 seconds it would say charging complete -- I sent it away for warranty repair.

I miss it.

RunnerGirl said...

My Garmin likes to flip out as well. And I love what you said about being addicted to them... that is so unfortunately true.