Thursday, August 16, 2007

They're IN!


After pestering the principal and generally being an anxious parent, I just found out that BOTH my girls were accepted into the (free) pre-Kindergarten program in the public elementary school just a 1/3-mile walk from our front door.

I still don't know if they will be in morning or afternoon sessions, and I sure hope the teacher hasn't had the bright idea to split up my twins! They do well together - as well as any two random girls, probably - and they're both usually off doing their own thing. Elisabeth will be getting speech twice per week and occupational therapy once, while Catherine will probably be ruling the world.

It's only for 2 3/4 hours per day, but it's a perfect length for them to get a little education and for me to get a break for a quick workout or a trip to the store - or maybe even a little work on a painting without curious fingers poking at it!



stronger said...

2 3/4 hr "quick workout"? Not bad.

Wendy said...

Good news!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I vascillate about separating my girls - they are each others' best friends. We decided K-garten is too young, we'll peel them apart gently as they get older. They're pretty well differentiated already, I want them self-reliant.