Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh great.

In local news, there is an item in today's paper that says Michael Jackson is in town and looking to buy some property around here. Wonderful. Just what we need, an unconvicted alleged sex offender in the area. And more helicopters and security entourages and people on shopping sprees with bad credit. At least I can be fairly confident he won't bother my girls, they're probably not his type. Hard to imagine that he's just about one year younger than me.

The cold is still here. I may go for a test-run today, but I'm coughing a lot. It might be a test walk.

Hoping to get the broken laptop fixed today. Of course, my wifi router also got fried in the lightning attack so we can't use that. . . .


kathlnc said...

Too late! You already have convicted sex offenders in the area. Check this out:


Fe-lady said...

I thought he was banned in this country or something like that!
Maybe you could threaten all real estate agents to public flogging or hanging if they indeed sell him a place....creepy!

*jeanne* said...
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