Sunday, June 17, 2007

Attention fall marathon runners!

Marathon training begins TODAY for fall marathons!!

Here's a 20-week plan that I plan to follow for a lot of my training:

I probably will slack off at least 2 of those weeks (like the weeks in there that I have 2 Olympic-distance triathlons scheduled), so I'm considering it an extended 18-week plan. :-) Also, since I'll be doing a fair amount of cycling and swimming, on many weeks I'll probably only do the long run and 1 to 2 midweek runs. Yes, including the track work!

Lots of good plans out there on the interwebs, this is just one that happens to sync up with Marine Corps Marathon.

That's the one I'm tackling again this fall!! I finished it in 2001 in 6:16 chip time, if I recall correctly, and in 2007 I'd like to see if I could get a time that starts with a 4. Or at least a low 5:xx.

How 'bout you??


Flo said...

That looks like a good training plan. Well, I'm doing Honolulu in Dec. with the goal of breaking 5 hours. I'll accept 4:59:59, just so long as it's under 5. Good luck with your goal.

*jeanne* said...

Marathon hiatus for me, but I think it's Prime Time for your new marathon goal!

WAY TO GO, NT! :-)