Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's started

Today was the 4th day of day camp at the local YMCA.

Catherine loves it. Plus suddenly with a flotation vest on, she's learned to dog paddle like a little golden retriever.

Elisabeth is not so sure about it -- she's a bit overwhelmed by the large numbers of fairly loud kids. Every time the girls go somewhere around large groups of loose cannon kids, a couple of girls 2 or 3 years older want to adopt Catherine and Elisabeth as their special little twin pets, it seems. Elisabeth doesn't wish to be adopted out, doesn't want to be tickled or cajoled, and especially doesn't want to be picked up by strange kids.

Then today one of the little boys in their group told Catherine, "You look very pretty today."

It didn't seem like it really turned her head, but still. . . .


rachel said...

Always being the very smallest and apparently rather cute little one of every group when I was young, I agree with Elizabeth.
"put me down dammit!"

there's a trick I learned when I was about 8 years old.. you can teach it to Elizabeth (or not). when these pushy kids start to pick you up, accidentally aim very carefully for their shin or kneecap and kick them with sufficient force that they drop you.
I told you I hated it.. : )

TxTriSkatemom said...

as mom of two boys, what I've seen is that the girls are the ones that start it around here. or maybe it's just the ones in their classes, I don't know. Luckily for my heart, neither is very much interested in girls, unless they happen to have either an XBox or a plastic dinosaur. I'm not looking forward to the eventuality, though!