Monday, June 18, 2007

Be careful out there, folks!

It's starting to get hot here in the middle Atlantic seaboard. Today the babysitter arrived at 2PM (after lunch) and I need some heat acclimatization, so that meant I was running in 94*F or hotter heat index.

I was extra careful - I only went out for a 5K jog, and even walked 1/10 mile in every half mile when I drank out of the water bottle I carried.

When I got back inside I was 2.8 pounds lighter than I was first thing this morning. That's equivalent to 43 fluid ounces lost. Even while drinking frequently.

Who said I don't sweat much for a fat girl!!???

Now that's heat stress!!!


m said...

It was so horribly hot yesterday that I didn't bother going for a run, but that night it cooled down immensly. Hope it does the same tonight.

Fe-lady said...

I raced in over 90 degrees here last evening...and sure wish I had taken a bottle of water with me on the 5k course! I was so dry I couldn't even spit!
(And we are heat acclimated....!)