Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trimming the bushes

That was my workout for today. Trimming down the bushes around the house for wintertime, including four overgrown scraggly holly trees and the Holly Bush That Ate Manhattan on the side of the house. The latter monstrosity doesn't look much different but now there are about 4 bushels of prickly trimmings heaped on the grass waiting for me to go to Lowe's to buy contractor-sized garbage bags.

After that all I wanted was a hot bath and my hands to stop buzzing from the vibration of the hedgetrimmer.

We've all got colds at some stage or another in our house too, and I'm still feeling all worn out. We'll turn it around next week.

Meanwhile, my training buddy Dave PRd at the Richmond Marathon today in a time of 4:10. Congratulations to him!!! Now we're thinking of something nice and flat like Gasparilla in Tampa for him to go sub-4 in 90 days. And maybe for me to go sub-5.


triathlonmom said...

Congratulations to David! That is awesome...the weather was perfect, cold and more cold.
So the question is, does he still think it is America's Friendliest Marathon? I hope so...I signed up for next year. And if you sign up before midnight tomorrow it is only $50, plus they added a half.

Fe-lady said...

Yard work COUNTS! Hope you are all feeling better soon! And congratulation to David!

Wylee said...

Oh dear. "Trimming the bushes" has a whole different meaning in my line of work. ;)