Thursday, November 22, 2007

How about some Urgent Care for Thanksgiving?

That looks like where I'm headed today. The sore throat that I've had for two weeks is getting progressively worse, and not better. This morning it felt like a golf ball was stuck in my throat, with the predictable consequence of causing me to throw up. Nice, eh?

Even Catherine said today that I need to go see a doctor. Her prescription: "I think they need to take your bones out," while gesturing toward her ribs.

In particular, she wants her Mommy to stop being grumpy. I don't blame her!

I'm still hoping to run a 10K tomorrow morning, and go on a group ride on Sunday. Fortunately the only thing that hurts is my throat. I hope to get some antibiotics today and maybe they'll kick in fast. A little turkey can't hurt, either, right?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm thankful that I still get to do this running and cycling and swimming stuff - and I hope I can keep saying that every year.


Wendy said...

Take care, and try to have a nice Thanksgiving in spite of it!

bunnygirl said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! There's still lots to be thankful for, so try to enjoy the day!

Noah Wood - A Maryland Runner said...

Wow, I hope you feel better! Have fun if you do the 10K as well as the group ride. Happy Thanksgiving Nancy!

J-Wim said...

Oh feel better soon! I hope it will go away without having to take your bones out.
Happy Thanksgiving!