Saturday, November 17, 2007

I ran for Ryan and Dorothy today

My training buddy Dave and I previewed the 10K course we will race next Friday this morning. The pace was a bit slower than I hope to race it next week, and included an extended pit stop I hope to skip on race day: 10:41 min/mile pace at 169 bpm average heart rate for a total time of 1:07:11 for 6.28 miles.

I thought of two athletes whom we remember and memorialize today: Dorothy Barnett-Griffin, who died following problems in the swim in Ironman Florida; and Ryan Shay, the 28-year-old who collapsed and died at the 5.5-mile mark of the US Olympic marathon trials.

Your race is run, and well it was run. Rest in peace.


jeanne said...

nice job nancy. if that's your time WITH the pit stop, no problem smashing it next week.

and nice remembrance.

Rainmaker said...

Thanks for reminding me yesterday. I specifically ran the last 5.5 miles today during my half for Ryan.