Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stupid runner tricks

So I'm still getting over my cold, and I come up with the brilliant idea to take one teaspoon of this cough medicine before I went for my run today.

2 miles went by fairly slowly, and suddenly I started feeling half-drunk and nearly stumbling, feeling like I was starting a weird out-of-body experience.

I started walking instead.

That went okay, until. . . . .

Another mile towards home and I was walking down the nice new stretch of fresh asphalt when maybe I stepped off the edge of the roadway? I'm not sure, but one minute I'm walking along and the next I fell down. Not just a stumble, ALL THE WAY DOWN on the ground - striking knee, hip, heel of right hand, right shoulder. Ouch. That hurt.

Plus I think that broke my Garmin, it stopped updating the distance and suddenly was giving me bizarre heart rate readings like 57 bpm, which we all know never happens here.

Later I looked up the stuff online. Oh great, Wikipedia says all kinds of nice things about it like "dissociative hallucinogenic drug" that induces "drowsiness, dizziness, excitation, vomiting, blurred vision, dilated pupils, sweating, fever, hypertension, shallow respiration, diarrhea, urinary retention, and increases in heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature."

Ack. Just what I want in my body while attempting to run. Just goes to show. . . .

Winners never dope, and dopers never win.


Noah Wood - A Maryland Runner said...

Wow, I hope you feel better. Funny how something you take for a cough/the sniffles, can have side-effects that are worse than what you were trying to cure in the first place! Stay healthy and drug free!

Mohd Shazly Khan said...

take it easy, a good rest will probably do u good.

Downhillnut said...

Whoa, I hope your injuries heal up quick, and that your GPS comes to its senses. In the meantime, I will serenade you with a little song about Garmin grief:

Since ma Garmin diiied, Oh!
Since ma Garmin diiiiied.
Ah don’ know how far Ah’ve gowne
Since ma Garmin died!

We’d been everywhere together,
in the heat and wet, cold weather
Now my training log is fried
Since ma Garmin died.

Altogether now!
Since ma Garmin diiied, Oh!
Since ma Garmin diiiiied.
Ah don’ know how far Ah’ve gowne
Since ma Gaarrrrmiiiin diiiiiiied!

(Banjo Solo)

Shelley said...

Oh no..this is terrible news..this just can't be true..I hope your Garmin is too..hee hee

Nancy Toby said...

Ha! Thanks for the inspired song.

Actually I just figured out that I hit the "stop" button when I fell and didn't realize it. It took me about 4 hours to figure out what was wrong, though. Duh!!

Lesser is More said...

Oh Delsym...that stuff is hardcore! But it works great. It well worth the woozy feeling...I just wouldn't recommend going for a run right after taking some next time ;)

TxTriSkatemom said...

1) the Garmin song is awesome. and mine is dead, dead, dead, for reals. Just in time to ask Santa for a new one
2) too hopped up on the cough syrup to figure out what happened to the Garmin --> too hopped up to be running!
3) hope you're not too achy and stiff after that
4) did anybody see it happen? 'cause if not, it didn't really. That tree in a forest thing, y'know -- If a Nancinator falls on the road and nobody sees it, did it really fall? or somesuch!

Brent Buckner said...

Somewhere on the Internet someone is now planning a Delsym party....

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

thanks for the info - I'll have to go get me some and try it out. You know, for science and all...ahem.