Monday, November 19, 2007

I have no idea

. . . what these are.

The girls brought them home from school today. They were also wearing construction-paper Indian headresses, so I assumed that they were something to do with Thanksgiving.

However, Catherine said they were volcanoes. And said something about "vava". I asked her if she meant the red part was lava, and she corrected me, "No, vava."

Then she instructed me on the names of the other components. "This is called a tube. This is called tape."

Um, that didn't shed any light on it for me. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Naturally, I exclaimed about how wonderful they are. Whatever they are.

Holly wins! I asked the teacher today what exactly they were and she said they were just experimenting with three-dimensional building. So it's Modern Art. Perhaps if I had an actual formal education in Art like Holly I wouldn't be such a diehard rigid representationalist. Not every work of art has to "be" something else, right?


J-Wim said...

How cute! I have no idea either, but I am betting if you guess you would be wrong.
My son made me a puppet of myself one year by papermacheing a head onto a toilet paper tube. I uwrapped it Christmas morning and pulled out what looked like a big penis with a fuzzy black wig and pipe cleaner glasses. It apparently was a replica of me, although I don't wear glasses...... I think my lip is still bleeding from biting down to hold in the laughter.

Shelley said...

Oh that's easy Nancy..those are crack pipes they're all the rage now in the kiddy room...:-))

Holly said...

Nancy, when it defies explanation - just call it Modern Art and admire it!

(Then ask the teacher the next time you see her cause I would like to know what those were too...)

Wylee said...

Oh that's easy! Those are melted snowmen.
No need to thank me, I'm here to help.

Fe-lady said...

I was going to say Totem Poles???? :-)

Is "VaVa" an impressionistic architect??? Save them. For. Ever.