Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I ran today

I know the fact that I ran today isn't big news in the grand scheme of things, but it is to me. Nine days without much of any physical activity is NOT the way I like to do things any more! But a series of viral attacks hit our family and we were all fully occupied with fighting off those nasty little invaders until today.

So I finally covered 3.8 miles around the neighborhood today on foot, mostly slowly, checking out the houses for sale (nothing with either 4 bedrooms or more land under half a million bucks nearby, sadly), picking up flyers, discovering a road that used to be paved with big chunky pieces of limestone will now be nicely blacktoppped, giving me a better local running route, etc.

I was seriously thinking of flying down to Tampa to run the Gasparilla Marathon and see my peeps Shawn and Linae, but now it's only 87 days away, my legs feel slow, airfares are steep, and I still need to sit down and figure out the big picture for 2008.

I think it's time to order my calendar for next year. I need to work this out with pen and real paper.

Update: Got the job done. Went over to Staples.com and ordered two wall calendars and a notebook calendar to work out the Grand Plan for 2008. They will be here tomorrow or the next day. Free delivery rocks.


Fe-lady said...

I bet your 2008 calendar will be WAY busier than mine...have fun filling it in! :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope there might be some events that overlap with mine in 2008. Look forward to seeing what you'll be doing!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

I love having a big calendar and planning out the year. I have a wall calendar and a big desk calendar.