Thursday, November 01, 2007

Looking ahead

The Philly (Olympic/sprint) triathlon in June just opened for entries today so I'm IN! Age group, Olympic-distance, not Athena, if you're wondering. I heard the New York City Triathlon sold out in something like ten hours! They're going fast like hotcakes, so if you're interested in this one, don't delay!

I was just trying to update some of my records last night (it didn't work, my other website is broken) and I realized something pretty cool!

In 2008 so far I got PRs in:

1. 10k road race
2. half marathon road race
3. marathon road race
4. Olympic triathlon
5. half Iron triathlon
Not a bad year's work for my fiftieth! Not sure I can do it again for my 51st, but I'm willing to try!

1 comment:

jeanne said...

see ya there! and like i said, get ready for several months of idiot questions!

and i'd say that's the way to celebrate 50!