Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rhode Island 70.3

I'm thinking about doing this new half Ironman event in Rhode Island on July 13th.

Registration is supposed to open on November 10th (even though the main web page says 'accepting applications' now).

I have a few questions in my mind about it, though. I'd like to see some course maps before signing up (even though there's a detailed course description in the preliminary news release). It's going to be a two-transition race with a widely separated T1 and T2 which can be difficult with a lot of running around the day before to get your stuff prepared.

And it's about 375 miles away, which is a tough 7+ hour drive through the NY City and Hartford area for me.

Another reason to take a hard look at my 2008 calendar in the next couple of days!

Anyone else thinking about this one?


jbmmommy said...

Oh man, bummer! I would SO be there to cheer on the athletes, but we'll be in Maryland for my sister's wedding that weekend. Maybe next year- some day I'll attempt the distance but not any time soon.

Rainmaker said...

Yup, I'm planning on it. I was going to do Vineman, but this is close enough to still be good on my IM training schedule and the area is full of my relatives - so it will work out really well.

Jameson said...

I'm contemplating this one too... but I REALLY want to see the course map first.

Having T1 and T2 so far apart makes it really hard on spectators especially...

The course itself does sound really fun though.