Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I don't really need this

But I just ordered it anyway. I like it. And yellow is my race color, after all. I don't have any other nice-looking race jackets, just vests.

I tried it on twice at the race Expo, but reluctantly didn't buy it there because the checkout line was way way too long.

Then they didn't have it listed on the MCM Shop website after the race, so I figured I was off the hook.

But no, I kept going back and checking, and sure enough it showed up on the site a few days later. In just my size.

It must be God's Will that I have this jacket. Otherwise He wouldn't have made me run a PR at the race, right?

God was merely taunting me for my insolence. I got an email that the jacket is out of stock and my order is cancelled. Uhhh, Brooks, then WHY THE HECK is it still listed on your website!?!??

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GeekGirl the Iron said...

Yes, oh yes, you do need that jacket. I didn't get a Louisville Ironman bike jacket and I've regretted it ever since. Don't be like me.