Tuesday, November 27, 2007

100-stride repeats

So I was going to do 10x100 on the track today to tune up my 10k pace, because I've got a bet to win. Ha!

It turned out there was a bunch of little kids walk-running around the school track. Harrumph. And here I'm a taxpayer and they're not. . . . (actually I found out later that it was Catherine and Elisabeth's class - but I didn't get close enough to see that!)

So I went out on the roads and just ran hard for 100 strides and then jogged until my eyes stopped bleeding, then repeated. Then that was too hard so I walked between sets until my eyes stopped bleeding. And then finally the intervals got farther and farther apart and then toward the end my eyes just wouldn't stop bleeding at all, so I crawled home.

Intervals are hard. And yeah, if you count the peaks, there are only 9 of them. I know, I know.


The Clyde said...

Oooh intervals, I have such a love/hate relationship with them.

Good work, 9 is as good as 10 in my book.

Fe-lady said...

I can NOT bring myself to do intervals when running...what is your secret???
And nine...it's the new ten!

Downhillnut said...

"until my eyes stopped bleeding" LOL! Way to get out there, Nancy!

Daniel said...

At least you're doing intervals! 9 is better than 0!!!

Julia said...

Intervals and strides are two different exercises. Intervals have a specific time (or heart rate) whereas strides you should be concentrating on your turnover and ease of running - not an all out effort. You shouldn't be tired after strides (since they're usually used as a prep for faster running).

Nancy Toby said...

I used the term strides in the simplest (and original) sense of the word - one complete cycle of running motion.

I was only counting strides because I couldn't use the track and wanted to get in approximately 100m-distance bouts on the road (and that's too difficult to tell on my Garmin).