Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We have our flu shots!

I took the girls over to the county community center and we all got our flu shots for this winter done! They were the only kids in a very long line of elderly folks, so after waiting for perhaps 20 minutes they let us go to the front of the line, which was very nice.

Two other nice things - They used a new device that shoots it straight into your arm with no needle, kind of Star Trekkie. Well, new to me at least. It felt just the same as a shot, though. No anaphalaxis yet. So far.

And the lady that handled our check-in did some sleight-of-hand with the paperwork so that the shots for the girls were free. $20 for all three of us instead of $60 is good! (So now I can put part of that $40 the county funds paid for me back into the girls' school Halloween party as Class Drudge Mom Parent).

So it will take another two weeks to build immunity, but then we're prepared once the flu starts making the rounds this winter.

I didn't tell the girls that we also have to go to the pediatrician tomorrow and get more shots for chicken pox and hepatitis. That little piece of information can just wait until tomorrow. They were super-good today, only one little *sob* out of Elisabeth during her shot, so I really hate to make them go through it all again tomorrow at the doctor's office.

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rachel said...

does it help them understand at all when you got a flu shot as well?