Monday, October 29, 2007

At last: Help for runners' chafing!

This marathon I actually SOLVED a couple long-term chafing issues I've had! I'm so proud of myself!

OK, guys, just move along now because this post is for the girls.

I have a couple spots that my jogbras *always* chafe me in long events. I've tried all kinds of lubricants, etc., and they reduce it but never solved the problem.

This time I cleaned the areas (this probably only works for hairless flat skin areas cleaned free from oils, btw) and put a big 3"x2" piece of Tegaderm there.

I thought it would rub off during the race, but it didn't - it stayed put perfectly and worked like a charm!

Another tool in my long-distance arsenal!!! Not sure if it will stay on during a swim, though, but it's worth a test-swim. . . .


LBTEPA said...

I like that top photo :)
Well done on your even better PR if you take the Garmin time

TxTriSkatemom said...

i have two little spots permanently scarred into my chestal area, about a thumb's width apart from each other, right where a v-neck top would hit if I ever wore one. for someone with so little cleavage you wouldn't think it would be an issue, but it is. your tip is something to consider trying.

I also got rubbed raw on the back of my waist by my belt pack last year -- I usually wear it over my shirt but it worked its way under and I still have a darker spot there from it.

GeekGirl said...

First off - congrats on your very nice marathon finish! I'd like to break 5:30 myself some day. Second, do you think the tagaderm stuff would work on inner thighs? They are my nemesis.

Nancy Toby said...


I have to employ a double layer of Lycra in that particular region to prevent self-immolation.

But it's worth a try!!