Sunday, October 07, 2007

Maiden voyages

We were finally able to take the two kayaks and the two girls out for their inaugural voyages together! Loading and unloading the kayaks was the hardest chore, naturally, but once we were launched it was great fun to paddle them around a couple of nearby inlets on a beautiful calm day.

Average speed was only about 22 minutes per mile for 2 miles - we'll have to work on that pace a little as we train!


Brent Buckner said...

Such fun!

SToby said...

The rate of 22 minutes per mile (2.7 mph) is indeed rather slow, but this must be kept in perspective. The kayaks are 14 feet long (a little less on the waterline) and their hull speed is, accordingly, slightly under 5 knots (5.7 mph). Beyond this speed, human or sail power is usually not enough to go any faster. So, we "almost" achieved half of our theoretical limiting speed. I think that's pretty good for a shakedown cruise.

jeanne said...

that looks lovely! lucky girls!