Monday, October 15, 2007

Marine Corps Marathon weather

In keeping with my usual obsession with the weather at long events, I've been checking out forecasts leading up to Marine Corps Marathon in two weeks.

The long-term forecast isn't out for race day yet, but it's still looking pretty warm for at least the next 10 days:
70*F to 82*F for the highs, lows only down to 50-53*F.

Here's the climatological data on race day, just in case you were wondering - yeah, if it's full sun and no wind and 65 degrees, that can feel pretty darned hot on those 4-lane concrete roads when you're trying to run:
Day: 28 Oct
Record High 83°F
Record Low 25°F
Normal High 65°F
Normal Low 40°F
Mean 52°F
Normal Precip 0.11in
Normal Snowfall 0in

I'm betting on a warm race day. I'm going minimalist again - my standard shorts and my sleeveless jersey that I wore for a couple other PRs this year. I'll wear a throwaway long-sleeve tshirt to the start, and then run with as little as I can after that. If I get cold, I'm not running hard enough. :-) I'll also have to wear a waist-pack too to hold all my tons of Clif Bloks (26-30, 1 per mile plus a few extra) and salt caps (~20 if I use Endurolytes) and my phone. I might leave a jacket and my phone with baggage check, though.

I do like several of the MCM clothing items that are being sold this year - I might spend a little money at the expo!!


Wylee said...

Hey Nancy, I am thinking about buying the swiMP3 v2 and felady said you might have it... and I seem to remember reading a review you did of one of the swim MP3 players, could you link me to your review?

TxTriSkatemom said...

doh! all the schtuff is yellow and black this year -- I love those colors! the year I ran I got a great long-sleeve tech shirt that I wear in November-February, but it's red and not necessarily my favorite color.

It was pretty comfortable a couple of years ago, but that bridge is just like a slab of pizza stone waiting to cook you.