Monday, October 01, 2007

That's more like it

It's getting down to the last few major training runs before the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th. Today's five miler was a little more encouraging than my last run two days ago. It was about 75-77*F today. I did a 5-miler (because that's all I had time for) and tried to keep my heart rate right at 165 bpm. I hit the average right on the nose, although I had to slow down a lot toward the end to keep my heart rate down when I was running in the full sun.

Today's pace averaged 11:03 min/mile. That's only equivalent to about a 5:26 marathon, but it's still more encouraging for a training day than the 5:41-equivalent that I ran two days ago.

Higher temperatures wreak havoc on this Athena. It's that darned surface area to volume problem again. Once this body mass heats up, I'm cooked. The second half of today's run was an 11:33 min/mile pace at an average heart rate of 169 bpm - that part is not so encouraging - it shows that I had to slow down a lot to keep my heart rate down once I started getting warm. Keep those fingers and toes crossed for a cool, calm, dry race day!

My job for this weekend's last major long run is twofold: a) Cover 20-21 miles on foot (8 to 9 of my regular training loops), however I can get it done; and b) get a semi-final check on a race pace by seeing what pace and heart rate I can maintain for that distance.

Right now I'm thinking of maintaining under 165 bpm or ~11:15 min/mile, whichever is slower, for the first half of the marathon, but that still needs some reality-checking on the road in training and with the weather on race day.

I can go a little faster on race day when I'm paced by my training buddy and feeling psyched than a solo training day, so I'll compensate for that by counting only the running pace, and not counting the time that I'm standing still at my minivan hydrating and electrolyting and chowing down.


Brian said...

I find I am very sensitive to overheating -maybe from growing up in the great white north.
In anything more than 70 degree temps, I carry a water bottle and most of it goes over my head to cool my core -- I used to think I was having nutrition issues but the cooling effect makes a huge difference. Also the drowned rat look really makes it complete.

TriBoomer said...

My fingers are crossed for a cool and dry day for you.

Stay tuned...

Fe-lady said...

You have had quite the season...can't wait for a "wrap up" year-end report from you. I have lost track of just how many races you have competed in this year but I know it's a LOT!
Just wanted to tell you too that I can't sign on to Facebook as I have an e-mail with the school district. So they won't accept my address. Guess I had better get another one soon! Thanks for the invitation tho!

Comm's said...

Well I completely understand your heat issue. When I run during the middle of the hot day here in the desert it impossible to keep the HR in zone and maintain pace. When its 20 degrees or more cooler, I'm 5x5.

Which is why I always run faster when its colder.

jeanne said...

oh you HAVE to tell me where to be to cheer you on!

listen i'd kill for that pace for the whole marathon. and if you held that in the heat, well, it's looking good!

you're gonna rock it this year, nancy!