Friday, October 19, 2007


Not much to report - just starting the final countdown to Marine Corps Marathon (10-day forecast: sunny and high of 68*F! Woot!) and getting some vaccinations (chicken pox and hepatitis) done for the girls, etc.

Two recent anecdotes:

Tonight they got into the pots and pans and were playing with them. Good fun, so I didn't pay much attention to the bashing and crashing noises. Then later when I came into the kitchen I discovered that Catherine had found the muffin tin and had the bright idea to make "cupcakes". So she filled two of the little round places for the muffins with butter and stuck the tin in the oven.

Fortunately she doesn't know how to turn the oven on.

Then the other day we were driving and looking at the trees that are changing colors here just now. I pointed out one vivid scarlet tree and said, "Look how bright that tree is! It looks like it's on fire!"

I hear Elisabeth's tiny little voice from the back seat: "Uh-oh!"


TriTurtL said...

Hey I'm just lurking and wanted you to know that I'm rereading all your old posts related to IMFL. I'm two weeks out and learning a ton from you! I appreciate all the lists and post race thoughts you had! Many, many thanks a year later!

Nancy Toby said...

Thanks!! Glad it's helpful! And GOOD LUCK!

Mojo said...

Sounds like the girls are growing up! Maybe you have a Betty Crocker in the making. :)

Holly said...

LOL! Love those stories! Thanks for brightening a dreary Monday in the cublicle Nancy!