Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cooler is better

Ahhh. . . . today is 59*F. MUCH better for running! I only had time for 2 miles but I averaged about a 10:35 min/mile pace with my heart rate averaging only 154 bpm, which is a brisk speed for me when it includes my (usually slow) warmup mile.

I just got a new pair of shoes and I think they're a big improvement, and I plan to wear them for the marathon. I am a strictly Asics gal - the men's models come wide enough and sturdy enough for my crappy duck feet. But the last pair I got was a new model (Gel-1120) without much cushion and I started getting some new aches and pains in my feet. Now in this pair (Gel-Foundation 7), after only a couple of runs, they're feeling better. I just wish they'd stop "improving" the shoes and stop discontinuing models that work for me!!


Rainmaker said...

What a huge difference 24 hours makes. I was actually cold cycling today for the first few minutes, and then running later on I was freezing waiting for the group to start. Although I see it will be back to 80 again by mid-next week. Oh well...

triathlonmom said...

I thought I was the only one who had to wear mens shoes because of my duck feet! They make good flippers for the swim though.
I have the same problem with New Balance changing their models every year. Have you tried to shop online for old models? I haven't had much luck with that myslef.

Comm's said... is a pretty good place to find discontinued shoes. With very popular models they go back almost a decade.