Saturday, July 07, 2007

The snake

Today I spotted this little guy (about 18 inches long) out in the garden so I caught him in a plastic container and brought him inside to show the girls. They were pretty astounded by him! We let him back loose and he went under the deck.

Now if I could only get Elisabeth over her panic when she sees bees (or flies that she thinks are bees). I don't know why she's suddenly sent into a major panic when she sees them, but she is.

In other news, I won the Prologue and I'm wearing the freakin' maillot jaune today. In a fantasy league. First place of 1378 teams! But in the Performance Bike fantasy league, I'm merely 510th out of 2616 teams after the Prologue. Although I'm eventually going to win that too.

Race tomorrow - forecasted high is 92*F along with over 40% humidity, no clouds. Pant, pant, pant.


SkiRough said...

GAH!!! You are a brave wom-mang catching that little fella... I would have high tailed it out of the yard and locked the house! Sheish.... snakes (shudder).

And then let him lose AGAIN in the yard?! Gah.

Nancy Toby said...

Aww, the poor little guy was terrified!

They don't even have teeth, do they?

He did smell kind of bad, that was his only issue....

Wendy said...

Snakes. Fascinating creatures! Kudos for showing your children one of these marvellous animals.

Snakes do have teeth. Teensy weensy little teeth. For holding, not chewing. See snake anatomy.

Miss Rachel said...

I'm with Skirough. That thing would have sent me running, not to mention screaming, into the house! Good for you though teaching your girls not to have snake phobia.

TriFeist said...

SWEET! I wish my mom had caught snakes for me. They are so cool, especially the non-venemous ones. :)

As for bees, can't help you. I'm PHOBIC about bees, wasps, and their kin. They love me and fly to me like I'm their queen. Clearly the dozens of empty wasp spray cans do not discourage them. Good luck with that.

21stCenturyMom said...

MoFo Snakes in da MoFo House!

I've never heard of a Golden Smelly before, though.

Fe-lady said...

He's a long guy all wrapped around the box like that! Cute...I love snakes, as long as I know they won't chew poison into me.
Best of luck tomorrow! Keep pouring water in your self! Remember watching Floyd last year?

GeekGirl said...

Ah, I was the neighborhood snake lady when my kids were little. The rules were: I'll keep it for one night (because their mom always said, GET THAT OUT OF THE HOUSE) but if you don't show up in the morning to feed it I'm letting it go. (They always got let go).

*jeanne* said...



Yes. My MIND is caught in the CAPS LOCK key on this one.

Scared 'o' SNAKES!!!