Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hardware and stuff

I received my hardware from the 2007 Eagleman half Ironman today!!

Well, gosh, if I had a pickup with a gun case and a collection of deer head trophies, it would look right at home with them, wouldn't it? First time I've seen a silver eagle that wasn't on a coin, I think. Yeah, last year's was much nicer. Well, still, I'd rather have that than a crappy badly-run race with cool hardware, like Geekgirl, you know?

And since I'm posting photos, here's an obligatory few of my cuties, since you all haven't seen them in a while.

This (below) was at dinner at the very casual outdoor patio at our local yacht club for my fiftieth birthday. Hmm, maybe it's time for that chin lift, eh? ;-)


Fe-lady said..., um ...patriotic! Yeah, that's it!
So, it's going just WHERE in your trophy room??
Cute of your girls...they are growing right before our eyes! Quick! Put a lid on them so they stay small!
(Land's End water shoes? I have a pair...comfy!)

Shelley said...

I love it, I want one..:-))...the kids are getting big eh??

Cliff Tam said...

i love that medal.. your kids are so big now.

GeekGirl said...

You look pretty good to us, kiddo!

You can still go for the super patriot look: that medal would make an AWESOME belt buckle. :)

Nancy Toby said...

Thanks!! I know things are different out West, but here in the east people rarely wear 9-inch belt buckles. :-)