Thursday, July 12, 2007

One longer run done

The first of my long runs working towards my fall marathon is done. A couple weeks late, but it's done. 11 miles, which was all the distance I could manage while the girls were in their 3 hours of camp and still have enough time to mop myself off and catch my breath before I picked them up. Pace was a modest 12:45 min/mile, including some walks for water and Clif Blox and salt. I did two loops of most of the 10K route from Easton Y, minus a little part at the beginning. There's a lot of nice roads out there to explore - I'm glad to have my Garmin which will allow me to explore some of the other side roads on a long run next week and still know my distance and pace.

I was glad not to feel any lingering after-effects of the hot and nasty 7.5 miles I ran in the duathlon on Sunday. Speed and pounding definitely weren't my problems that day. But you can see from the map that yes, we have a little humidity around here.

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