Thursday, July 19, 2007

'nother run done

Another 6 miles in the books, departing from the Y again. I hadn't ever been down these roads before, and there are some gorgeous views that I want to go back to photograph or paint. It was HOT, but a little closer to a tempo run effort, 11:34 min/mile average and 59% of the time above 160 bpm heart rate.

The knees are a bit creaky and painful. Today I wore a knee strap on the left one. I may be increasing my mileage a bit too quickly - 16.4 miles already this week with a long run yet to go this weekend. I'll back off the mileage if they keep complaining.

Then I hit the pool for 1300 leisurely yards, ten minutes in the sauna, and then my "me time" was all gone!

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