Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another run done

Another medium run from the Y (6.7 miles - yeah, "medium" is getting shorter) while the girls were in camp. Not much notable to report - it was hot, average pace was a comfortable 12:23 min/mile, and I was having some serious house envy since I was running through the million-plus neighborhoods. The kind of nouveau-retro neighborhood with highly restrictive building codes where all the driveways and sidewalks and porches and foundations are made of brick and they have alleys. And the maintenance guys were out weed-whacking the woods so the surroundings all look like a nice park.

Then I finished my run, drank several gallons of water, and then swam until all my free time was gone. And I realized I really need a new swimsuit, because the current one is worn out and sagging and bagging where it shouldn't.

I really like this three-hour block of "me time". Only 1.5 more weeks remain of Y summer camp, though. But preschool starts soon!

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