Monday, July 02, 2007

Blackwater Duathlon goal

OK, got out for a 5-mile run around the neighborhood and I was still coughing, but I got it done. I may just be able to finish this duathlon coming up Sunday if I don't catch another virus by then!

Here's the ideal plan:

12km run/7.45 mile run @ <11:00 min/mile = under 1:22

T1: Under 2

73 km bike/45.36 mile bike @ >17.0 mph = under 2:40

T2: Under 2

8 km run/4.97 mile run @ <11:00 min/mile = under 54

Total: Under 5:00

I didn't cook the numbers to get that result, but it's a nice neat one. I'll go for it. Under five hours it is.