Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cruisin' in July

Fun times in the summertime with the girls! We went over to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum yesterday as we often do and they walked around while I did some sketching.

Then this morning we took a short tourist cruise on the Miles River on board the Patriot:
Captain Catherine even got to steer the ship:
Did some sightseeing on a beautiful day which included spotting Greta Van Susteren's little boat:

The Schooner Sultana was visiting too:

Always fun to play tourist in your own home town!


Spokane Al said...

That is a pretty dang neat town you call home.

Shelley said...

Looks wonderful Nancy!!

Fe-lady said...

Oh to be on WATER somewhere....looks heavenly!
And so much fun with little ones in tow...(love the sitting on the dog pix!)
(I too like to hit the museums and shops in downtown Tucson in the summer when they are virtually empty...and play Tourist!)

KLN said...

Fun! And those girls get cuter and cuter :-)

Comm's said...

just our one day at sea world and time spent in humid SoCal, refreshed my spirit of the sea. You are fortunate to have that every day.