Monday, May 28, 2007

Cambridge Practice Triathlon

Today was the practice sprint triathlon with the good folks from Cambridge, hosted at Horn Point Laboratories, same as we did last year.

It was a great day for it with flat water and perfect weather! Unfortunately I'm just getting over this nasty cold and about ten minutes into the swim (after stopping to cough about three times) I realized I was kind of dizzy too, so I decided to call it a day and just take some photos of the other triathletes.

So I took a whole album of photos and put them up here.

Notable among them was Jim C., WHOSE BOSS DOESN'T KNOW HE READS MY BLOG AT WORK. Hi, Jim!!! Love your wheels! HI JIM'S BOSS!!!

Also take a close look at the awesome paint job on this bike in honor of the Flying Tigers - very appropriate for this Memorial Day!

I wish I had been able to get in a better training day prior to Eagleman, but it was still fun to see everyone and get out for a brief swim!


Myles said...

Hey, I saw a Trek exactly like that one in San Antonio, TX just this summer!

Hope you feel better.

Spokane Al said...

Great photos - it looked like terrific fun.

Wendy said...

Great shots Nancy!

I'm glad you didn't push things when you were feeling dizzy.

Shelley said...

Whoaaaa those are sweet bikes!!!