Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our new local YMCA

We (me and my girls) just went over for the open house at the new local branch of the county YMCA. I believe they said it was actually opening next week. Hooray! It's a small storefront place, without much room, but they've packed a lot in there.

I was happy to see a bike rack out front in front of the windows (so I can ride my old clunker bike the ~1 mile over there).

Best of all from my perspective was quite a large child care area - glassed off for sound-proofing. Yay! Seen but not heard - perfect! Catherine and Elisabeth went straight to work trying to break all the new toys in there.

They have a decent freeweights area, an array of weight machines, 4 treadmills, 4 reclined exercycles, and 8 elliptical trainers. I think that should be plenty of space to get a free spot for a workout in this small town.

Best of all, it's 3 doors down from the new Chinese restaurant.

I doubt I will use it much in the summer, but I'm looking forward to having it as a nearby workout alternative in the winter. I may just get back to doing some actual weight-training again!

Catherine kept asking where the pool was, but alas, after Labor Day (when our two local outdoor pools close) we'll still have to drive a dozen miles back to Easton for that. I had to leave when Catherine started getting into the bagels and cream cheese, and wiping the cream cheese from her hands on their brand-new couch. Sigh.


rachel said...

well, it seems quite logical to me as the couch is just at the perfect height for her to be wiping her hands on : )
I wanted to go to the Y here but there isn't one close enough to me that I could justify what would likely be only the occasional use of it.

lynn's daughter said...
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GeekGirl said...

Heck, a decent place to work out and eat? All you need now is a place to get a good latte and some Thai food, and you'll be in Utopia!

Cliff Tam said...


Read your preiovus post about the Italian ice place..i hope they have gelato!!

Fe-lady said...

Hope they offer massages too! (I guess that would be a YMCA-spa tho and cost more!) :-)