Sunday, May 13, 2007

Last swim wave

Bah! Once again, at Columbia Triathlon this year the Athenas (that would be me) are the last wave of swimmers before the relay competitors. I start at 8:15AM. This means a) I have one hour fifteen minutes between when I have to be finished setting up and they close the transition area until I start; b) it's hotter on the course; c) it's lonelier back with the stragglers on course; d) I'll finish just as they're starting the awards ceremony.

The good news is that it gives me plenty of time for a nice leisurely warmup swim, if I slide down the muddy bank off to the side and sneak in the water. Hopefully I'll be able to warm up with Holly and work off a few nerves before the starting gun! I practiced with my wetsuit top in the pool last Friday and had my fastest-ever 500-yard swim in 10:26. Woo, if (big if!) I could swim that pace in the race it would give me a 34:14 for 1500 meters. That's blazing fast for this landlubber! (Last year's swim was 37:23 - I'll be very happy with anything faster than that, although I'm not planning on pushing the pace until I get on the bike).

My back is still a bit sore and creaky so I decided to skip my long bike ride today. I'll do a shorter ride mid-week and then clean up the bike and taper hard for race day on Sunday.

Many congratulations to Linae who ROCKED the Gulf Coast half-Ironman-distance Triathlon yesterday! Why they can't post results online within 12-18 hours of the finish in a chip-timed race I'll never understand, though. She is well on her way to IRON this fall at Ironman Florida!


Myles said...

Blah! that happens to us Clydes often enough too. However, this year I am doing the DuceMan 1/2 at Show Low, AZ...the Clydes and Athenas take off in the FIRST WAVE...with the Pros baby!

Holly said...

I'll be in warming up for as long as I can! I'm there with you! At least until my wave starts!

Sandy said...

I think I swim at 8:04, 2 from last for the 30-35 age group. I am not thrilled about the line up either! I like it when the men and women go out in staggered age groups. This methoda doesnt make much sense b/c it leaves the potentially slowests ones out there the longest and when cars will be leaving, uggggggg.