Sunday, May 13, 2007

Puny year to date

I'm not training terribly intensely this year. I don't have the fear of Ironman hanging over my head this year. It's a lot more relaxed.

I was just curious to compare how much training I had done by this date last year with this year, a week before Columbia Triathlon:

Swim, 2006 YTD: 70,490 yards
Swim, 2007 YTD: 34,000 yards

Bike, 2006 YTD: 914 miles
Bike, 2007 YTD: 415 miles

Run/walk, 2006 YTD: 289 miles
Run, 2007 YTD: 218 miles

Yes, the 2007 totals seem pretty puny in comparison! Part of it's a much colder, longer winter this year; part if it is not having my husband able to care for the girls on weekday mornings, part of it is just plain lower volume and less week-to-week consistency. Let's hope it's higher-quality training this year. Uh, yeah, sure, that's it. Well, it's true of my running this year, but I have my doubts about cycling and swimming! But the proof is in the pudding, and we'll see how things shake out next Sunday on a race course on which I have two previous times to compare.


21stCenturyMom said...

I'm pretty sure the run will be quicker and probably the bike, as well and if you could knock 45 seconds or so off your T1 time that will help, too.

I predict a PR (barring any issues).

Good luck!

Nancy Toby said...

Yeah, I've been looking at that T1 - almost identical for 2 years! I'll have to run through transition, and I'm going to wear my top under the wetsuit instead of putting it on in T1 over my jogbra. But the transition area is HUGE and uphill both going to the bike and going out. Still, hope I can shave a minute or so....

Fe-lady said...

Happy mother's day! Did you get eggs and waffles in bed from your daughters!?
Your training looks fine to me. We all do what we can do! Best of luck!

Spokane Al said...

Pudding - that is the secret to success. Pudding will make up for all the other stuff.

Glad to see that you continue to enjoy what you do - no matter what the volume - and that is what truly counts.

Vickie said...

Nancy, I think you will surprise yourself with your abilities despite the lower training volume, mainly due to the IM training last year and the fact that you are getting more miles of all disciplines behind you, so your fitness level should increase or maintain the same despite a lower training volume. I think the important thing to do with a lower training volume is to increase intensity instead, which it looks like you are accomplishing with your running.

Jenny said...

Good luck in your race - can't wait to hear how it goes!