Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Salisbury Zoo field trip

Here was our wandering path around the little Salisbury Zoo today, which you may recall us visiting last summer:

That was after the long bus trip to the zoo, during which (it was said) that Elisabeth pulled the emergency exit latch, causing the bus driver to have to stop to correct it. Although it was rumored that Catherine actually did it and blamed it on Elisabeth. Otherwise I understand the trip was uneventful. But Elisabeth was very, very disappointed to learn she was returning in Mom's car.

Anyway. . . . much later: This would have been great if it were a real fawn, but it was bronze:

After strolling around the zoo and eating lunch, the two kindergarten classes and the morning and afternoon pre-K classes took over the entire large playground like a horde of miniature pirates.

Catherine got a flamingo-shaped pen in the gift shop, which naturally broke in the car on the way home. Elisabeth selected a little plastic bobcat and kissed it several times. There was a cage of two very cute bobcats but those photos were blurry.

Fun times! We'll be back next year after we've graduated to kindergarten!

On the way back I dropped off my landscape entry in the Eagleman Art Show at the Dorchester Arts Center. I wasn't able to get the cycling painting done on time, but maybe next year. Starting in September I'm looking forward to SEVEN uninterrupted kidfree hours on most weekdays in which to get my workouts done and work on my paintings (and probably overseeing some house renovations or an addition as well).


21stCenturyMom said...

Love the painting.

I hope you use some of those 7 hours a day to write a book debunking many of the nutrition 'facts' that are marketed to athletes. Bad science makes me crazy.

Nancy Toby said...

Ha! I would love to write a book like that.


- Women in the "overweight" and back-of-the-pack category don't have much general credibility, I've found
- It's easy to sell a book that offers a quick fix and "secrets", hard to sell a book that says the only secret is "there's no quick fix".

But an interesting idea, certainly!!

jeanne said...

that looks like a perfectly magical day. enjoy them while they last!

and the painting is awesome!

TxTriSkatemom said...

heh -- the GPS tracking on that is hilarious!! I've always wanted to do that when we go to the State Fair but I always end up forgetting. Looks like a very fun day!!