Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Solo training camp

After coming off a very unexpectedly positive experience at Columbia, I'm looking at trying to get in some very quick preparations for Eagleman half Ironman in 3 weeks. It's going to be tricky to balance the training I want to do before then and still get in a good taper to start the race day strong and well-rested. I also want to get in several Long Slow Distance workouts to try to burn off some of the calories that have accumulated on my hips in the last six weeks of measly workouts!

These are my tentative targets for the next 2 weeks of workouts:
175 miles cycling (including 2 sessions of high-intensity intervals in the next 10 days)
34 miles running (including 2 track workouts of high-intensity intervals in the next 10 days)
5000 yards swimming

Let's see how far I can make it towards that. Keep your fingers crossed that I won't have to back off the training to keep my lungs from relapsing into Gunk City. So far I've just managed two slow recovery jogs for a total of 8.0 miles of slow running.

Unfortunately this will probably mean that I'll have to skip the very fun annual Cambridge Multi-Sport practice triathlon, in favor of getting my road mileage done. I'll be sorry to miss it.

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