Sunday, May 04, 2008

Opus Four

Catherine transcribed this composition from the small slate at the lower left today. I didn't even know she knew what notes were supposed to look like. Perhaps one of my readers who can actually sight-read music can tell us if she's a 4-year-old child musical prodigy or not.


Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Joe said "she's how old? Get her going" in some kind of music program ASAP

Ultra Iron Misty said...

Heck yeah. If you have the means, any time a kid shows an interest in something, do everything you can to encourage it.

stronger said...

Wow- impressive!

rachel said...

well.. she doesn't have a full staff there or time signature or anything that would lend itself to sight reading but that doesn't mean she doesn't have it in her head where it's not visible to us. the fact that something about music/notes has caught her attention enough that she is able to write multiple notes correctly though --breathe here...-- is indication that it might be good to let her try some kidlet music classes.
suzuki violin is a classic and works very well, even if they lose interest in a few years they retain incredible memorization and tonal skills.
there are many guitar classes aimed at kids her age now as well, with 1/4 size guitars (I'm getting my just turned 4 year old cousin a 1/2 sized one this coming christmas but he's big for his age).
and, there is of course, always piano, which I think is probably the best instrument to start on unless you're aiming for a virtuoso violinist or cellist or something.

*jeanne* said...
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*jeanne* said...

Some of the notes seem to have the stems on the wrong side, but I don't know that means anything.

Music as soon as possible can open up all kinds of worlds for kids.

I saw a terrific movie with Merryl Streep as the originator of a violin program for kids in inner city NYC. Based on a true story. It was great. Give them a chance at lessons. Let 'em try everything, you never know what will light the spark!

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