Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend trip to Tangier Island

Haven't had a chance to blog about our trip to beautiful Tangier Island over the weekend.
Here's our little town from the air:

On Tangier Island, in full Memorial Day splendor:

Here's one takeoff and two landings if you'd like to watch them from the jiggly small plane perspective:


Of course the girls adored the local cats.

Elisabeth loved the little gray cat that followed us for a while. She wanted to feed it but wasn't real clear on exactly what little gray cats like to eat. Her first try was attempting to feed it gravel, with predictable (to us) results.

Then she started tearing up leaves and offering them to the kitty. . . . which ended up being (wait for it. . . .). . . .

Poison ivy.

Fortunately some alacrity, baby wipes, and hand-washing seems to have prevented a nasty rash on everyone's hands and arms.


LBTEPA said...

It looks just lovely :)
Your blog is such a source of covetable items - now I want one of those Poseur charlatan tops, how brilliant!

Comm's said...

your photos of locals continue to be my favorite on the blogs. The flag photo at the docks is amazing. I need to get to the NE